Our Team is made by very talented people and they all share : The Love for FAST Broadband INTERNET !

Every where in Europe, North Africa (including Lybia) and in the Middle-East, where the beams of the new Ka-Band 2nd generation communications satellites coveres these area's, SATdsl Mediaservices Intellitrade Kft. Hungary brings you ultrafast internet-access by satellite, Telephony and Television, even if there are no fixed landlines. We will connect you.  Central Europe's lowest prices guaranteed, and for selected packages: FREE HARDWARE !

Only using a small dish on the outside of your property, along with a set-top box inside, we can offer you fast broadband, reliably, wherever you’re located. You can share the service just as you would with wired broadband, using a conventional network or wirelessly, giving your computer or smart phone access to all the latest internet services and feature rich content.


You will find our office and warehouse in the Centre of Hungary, south of Szolnok and East of Cegléd:

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